X-Crafts startet öffentliche Beta für E-Jets-Familie

14. November 2023

Im Mai dieses Jahres (2023) erschien die neue, aktualisierte E-Jets-Familie von X-Crafts für den X-Plane 11 und den X-Plane 12. Mehr unter X-Crafts veröffentlicht E-Jets-Familie für X-Plane. Mittlerweile wurden dafür bereits drei umfangreiche Updates veröffentlicht. Jetzt gehen die Entwickler einen neuen Weg. Ab sofort können bestehende Kunden zukünftige Updates auch vorab in einem öffentlichen Betaprogramm ausprobieren. Ziel ist es, dadurch Feedback von einer breiteren Nutzerbasis zu sammeln. X-Crafts schreibt auf der dafür eigens eingerichteten Open Beta-Seite:

„Erhalten Sie frühzeitig Zugriff auf die Vorabversionen unserer Produkte und helfen Sie uns, sicherzustellen, dass sie auch nach unseren Updates stabil bleiben.“

Über die Open Beta-Seite kann auch gemeldet werden, ob die getestete Version bereit für die allgemeine Veröffentlichung ist oder ob während der Tests ein kritisches Problem aufgetreten ist.

Aktuell steht v1.0.4-rc1 zum Test bereit. Heruntergeladen werden kann die Beta-Version über den Skuncrafts Updater. Falls es Probleme mit der Beta gibt, ist es möglich, über den Skuncrafts Updater jederzeit zur ursprünglichen Version zurückzukehren.

In einem Video erläutert X-Crafts Gründer Marco Mamula das neue Open Beta Programm:

Die umfangreiche Änderungsliste der Open Beta v1.0.4-rc1 für die E-Jets Family, die für bestehende Kunden ab sofort verfügbar ist:


  • FLCH is now limited to a minimum of +2° up in climb, and -7° on descent.
    Fixed the Flight Director jumping up and down during turbulence. This fix is only available in X-Plane 12 due to the new dataref not being available in X-Plane 11
  • LOC and GS stay as active autopilot modes even after disconnecting the autopilot
  • The bank angle limit should automatically be engaged above FL270
  • Sequencing into a DISCON or VECTRS waypoint now correctly disables VNAV


  • Many more approaches are now available in the FMS. Previously we only covered approaches without any designations or X and Y approaches. We are now covering approaches with any designation which unlocks a lot more landing opportunities!
  • Added function to clear waypoint constraints with DELETE
  • Fixed: Insert STAR waypoint adds ROUTE waypoint type
  • Two-digit display of pages on FPLAN
  • The transponder mode or Radio frequencies will no longer be reset as part of the FMS Reset 2 minutes after landing
  • Fixed FMS not resetting after the second flight
  • Fixed: When editing the FPL the Cancel saves the changes instead of reverting to the original
  • Fixed FL Transition Altitude being inoperative
  • Fixed DTK on the FMS not being correct (It is correct on the PFD)
  • Heliports are no ignored in the FMS and will not be loaded as the ORIGIN airport
  • PERF INIT page 2/3 CRZ ALT, TOG CG and ZFW entry fields are now boxes and not “0”
  • Added Units (KG/LB) to PERF INIT 2
  • Fixed FLT PLAN page corruption: Overflowing data on last FLT PLAN page KJFK.LENDY8 with no runway or approach set.
  • The correction of the wind components calculator for take-off and landing
  • Fixed: “C” runway SID’s, SID COMMON’s, and STAR’s waypoint data missing.
  • FLT PLAN page can not be zero anymore
  • FLT PLAN ETAs now update throughout the flight and should be much more accurate
  • Fuel predictions on the FMS PROGRESS page now update every 5 seconds, not every frame, which should result in much less erratic results.
  • The correction of the wind components calculator for take-off and landing pages


  • Trim now stops after 3 seconds of continuous change
  • Fine-tuned engine startup sequence for X-Plane 12 which should now better match the real aircraft
  • Fixed: Electrical bus ties were always cross tied. The BUS TIE switch did not actually disconnect the buses. It does now.
  • CG is not displayed in %MAC in the X-Plane 12 Weight & Balance menu
  • Stick shaker forces set correctly based on the AOM
  • The hydraulic system now reflects the real operations to the full X-Plane 12 capabilities. A fully custom solution that will allow additional functions is planned for a future update.


  • Speed brake lever no longer moves on landing when the speed brakes are deployed automatically
  • Animated the APU EMERG red guard. This allows you to open the guard and press the APU EMERG shutdown button
  • The steering tiller now moves more gradually + Improved Manipulator Calibration
  • The speed knob now allows setting the speed as low as 108kts which might be needed for some approaches
  • Taxi Side light is no longer ON by default when loaded with engines running
  • The audio panel now defaults to VHF1, not MRK
  • Added a new Easter egg QR code


  • A flashing MSG annunciator was added which is displayed whenever there is a message on the FMS scratchpad
  • Added TCAS OFF, and TCAS TEST indications to the PFD
  • On the approach, “RETD armed” is now displayed 100ft AGL before the RETD actually engages
  • Pith Limit Indicator added to the PFD


  • Fixed the outflow valve indicator going nuts on the ECS synoptic page
  • Added new TCAS modes which are available in X-Plane 12 (New modes: ALT-OFF, ALT-ON, GND, TA ONLY). Previous modes which are also included are OFF, STBY, TEST, TA/RA
  • The DEST on progress on the MFD should show the RUNWAY, not the destination airport
  • The MFD and PFD now use the updated transponder values in X-Plane 12, which have changed so the indications were showing incorrect modes
  • The FLT CTL page was showing the inner spoilers deployed in the air which was not correct.
  • Fixed the ETA indications on the MFD showing values over 60 minutes
  • Fix route and map data orientation in plan mode (plane was using magnetic north while the route was using true north
  • Use new transponder mode values in X-Plane 12
  • Fixed airport database cache in the wrong directory: YOU CAN NOW DELETE THE “xcrafts” FOLDER FROM THE X-PLANE ROOT FOLDER.


  • Improved the speedbrake indications: The green indication of the speedbrake is now always visible, the area below the deployed green speedbrake is now correctly gray, and the GND SPOILER annunciator is in a white box as on the real aircraft
  • EICAS declutter is now disabled also whenever autobrakes are set to anything else than OFF


  • Windshield & Windows glass transparency changed:
    • Front windshield changed from 85% to 70% opacity
    • Side windshield changed from 85% to 55% opacity
    • Passenger windows changed from 75% to 60% opacity
  • Fixed double text on the main landing gear door. Previously it showed LINEAGE 1000 over the correct name of the aircraft


  • Environmental sounds now bleed into the cockpit/cabin.
    • Rain and storms are now audible.
    • Very subtle environmental white noise is now audible.
    • Default X-Plane environment volume slider still works


  • Added a manipulator for MAX REVERSE THRUST


  • Corrected max E175 MTOW value in the EFB
  • Fix typo in perf DB for E190/E195/Legacy which caused the Vr to be lower than V1
  • Add improved logging on input error to diagnose stack overflow errors on some systems.

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