Aircraft & Avionics Update 2: Neue Beta erschienen

31. Mai 2023

All jene, die sich zum Betatest für das Aircraft & Avionics Update 2 des Microsoft Flight Simulators angemeldet haben, erhalten automatisch beim Start des MSFS die neue Betaversion Über den Installationsmanager sind dann weitere Daten herunterzuladen.

Das Aircraft & Avionics Update 2 bringt u. a. deutliche Verbesserungen für die Boeing 747-8i des Standard-Pakets und des 787-10 Dreamliners der Premium Deluxe Edition des MSFS. Wer sich noch nicht zum Betatest angemeldet hat, es aber möchte, erfährt hier die entsprechenden Details:

AAU2: Beta mit Verbesserungen für Jumbo und Dreamliner

Die aktuelle Version enthält zahlreiche Fehlerbehebungen, aber auch Verbesserungen und Funktionserweiterungen.

Die Release Notes:

Glass Cockpits

Garmin G3000 / G5000

  • Fixed some edge cases where VPATH was not properly disarmed/deactivated after a change to the VNAV state made it so that there was no path to track
  • Fixed various cases where the VNAV profile would sometimes display incorrect information near the end of an approach depending on if the missed approach was activated
  • Fixed a bug where the autopilot/flight director would not deactivate LOC mode during ILS/LOC approaches after the active nav source was switched to FMS
  • Fixed a bug where certain intersections would not be displayed on the map or the GTC Nearest Intersections page

G1000 Nxi

  • Fixed CLR button on MFD flight plan view not presenting confirmation popup
  • Fixed a bug where certain intersections would not be displayed on the map or the Nearest Intersections page
  • Fixed missing display of VNAV information on MFD
  • Fixed a bug where the autopilot/flight director would not deactivate LOC mode during ILS/LOC approaches after the active nav source was switched to FMS

Garmin GNS430W / GNS530W

  • Fixed a bug where certain intersections would not be displayed on the map or the Nearest Intersections page
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the lists in the Nearest pages to become corrupted
  • Fixed a bug where the autopilot/flight director would not deactivate LOC mode during ILS/LOC approaches after the active nav source was switched to FMS


Boeing 787-10 / Boeing 747-8i

Added Functionality:

  • CHECKLISTS: In avionics checklists will now be autocompleted up to the phase of flight that you spawned in at.
  • CHECKLISTS: Added an autocompletable item for setting the IRS position on the POS INIT CDU page
  • CHECKLISTS: Added more autocompletable ingame checklist items
  • VNAV: Add ability to set MCP altitude to missed approach altitude and continue descent in VNAV PTH when MCP altitude is set 300’ or greater above the current altitude
  • SYSTEMS: Added pressurization system with FMS (AUTO) and MAN landing altitude capabilities and automatic VNAV based altitude scheduling
  • FX: Added heat blur FX when the APU is running
  • [747] SYSTEMS: Added air conditioning and basic duct pressure simulation. Enabled ECS synoptics page.
  • [747] COCKPIT: Enabled most air conditioning panel buttons on overhead panel
  • [747] AP: Enabled Yaw Damper overhead button functionality and corresponding CAS messages

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • PERFORMANCE: General performance optimizations and targeted optimizations for periodic stutter on certain hardware configurations
  • STABILITY: Fixed an issue that could cause the sim to become unresponsive
  • STABILITY: Fixed sim freeze when executing DES DIR
  • SIM: Updated sequence to fully start engines when using Ctrl+E
  • COCKPIT: Windshield deicing switches now operate independently
  • COCKPIT: Updated Flaps lever tooltip values to match the numbers next to the lever along with the degrees
  • CHECKLISTS: Revised the items shown in the in avionics checklists
  • PFD: Fixed speed bug disappearing when in mach and simrate was increased
  • ND: No longer shows terminal waypoints
  • ND: Now shows RNAV intersections
  • ND: Now only shows airports with runways longer than 2000 meters (around 6500ft)
  • ND: Fixed PLAN format so it still works when IRS not aligned
  • ND: Added black outlines to T/D, E/D, and T/C labels
  • CDU: Fixed entry errors from triggering FMC MESSAGE CAS message
  • CDU: VNAV page titles should reflect a more accurate state
  • CDU: Fix info now shows DTG even if the ETA and altitude predictions are unavailable
  • CDU: Fixed GW field of APP REF page not updating on entry
  • CDU: Fixed the appearance of the CLB page once the phase of flight has sequenced past climb
  • CDU: Removed POS INIT pages 3 and 4 as they were only holding placeholder values
  • CDU: Fixed VNAV page not following units chosen by user to display destination fuel on board
  • CDU: Fixed an issue causing the WIND page to flicker when there are no legs in the flight plan
  • CDU: Fixed RTE X LEGS page blanking out constraints in certain scenarios
  • CDU: Fixed HUD TAKEOFF header being shown twice on DEP/ARR page
  • CDU: Fixed some approach transitions not showing up on DEP/ARR page when G/S toggle was shown
  • CDU: Fixed ACTIVATE showing on the RTE page when an activation is already pending
  • CDU: Single-digit CRZ CG values now display correctly and are pre-populated with a small font default value
  • CDU: Various fields on the VNAV pages now trigger a modification when edited, and erase prompts have been added to those pages to undo any pending modifications
  • CDU: The cruise altitude fields on the CLB and CRZ pages can no longer be deleted, only modified
  • CDU: Fixed missed approach string format on rte page
  • FMC: Improved logic for de-duplicating of legs in the flight plan when loading procedures
  • FMC: Improved the reliability and accuracy of flight plan predictions
  • FMC: Fixed a bug where the speed transition or restriction toggled on and off during descent
  • VNAV: Fixed a bug where an alt intervention activated a cruise descent rather than capturing the profile
  • VNAV: Fixed bug where VNAV would disconnect after takeoff due to bad operating phase behavior
  • VNAV: Fixed T/C being too far out, and incorrect in general
  • VNAV: Speed constraints for final now automatically added when Vref is selected in PERF APPROACH
  • AT: Fixed a bug where autothrottle would not go to SPD mode during MCP altitude capture in a VNAV SPD climb
  • AT: Modestly improved the autothrottle’s airspeed-tracking behavior
  • AT: Auto-activate on arm when AP is in VNAV or FLCH mode
  • CAS: RESET MCP ALT now auto clears when you lower the selected altitude below cruise altitude
  • CAS: Autothrottle deactivation due to reverse thrust no longer triggers a ‘AUTOTHROTTLE DISC’ message
  • CAS: Fixed the text of certain engine-related CAS messages
  • SOUNDS: Fixed throttle lever sounds from playing at incorrect times (cause of random clicking sounds when throttles are idle)
  • FM: Adjusted idle thrust to produce book descent rates
  • FM: Reduced spoiler effectiveness to more realistic values
  • FM: The in-game weight and balance pane now displays the correct center of gravity range for the aircraft
  • EXTERIOR: Fixed thrust reverser deployment animations to only play when reverse thrust is commanded by the FADEC/EEC
  • CONTROLS: Adjusted the logic around reverse thrust to more closely reflect real-world behavior. The reverse thrust levers can only be raised when forward thrust levers are in the full closed position. Reverse thrust levers cannot be raised beyond the idle detent until reversers are at least partially deployed
  • [787] ND: Minimap no longer shows ARPT WPT or STA waypoints
  • [787] FBW: Fly-by-wire now properly responds to the numpad 5 key to center control surfaces (CENTER_AILER_RUDDER)
  • [787] SOUNDS: Window heat switches now have sounds
  • [787] HUD: The TOGA reference line now appears at the correct position during the takeoff roll
  • [787] EICAS: Fixed a bug where the flaps gauge indicator becomes visible unexpectedly when switching EICAS to the FO side
  • [787] EICAS: Fixed a bug where the flashing effect of the fuel balance flag happens unexpectedly when switching EICAS page to the FO side
  • [787] MFD: Fixed rudder trim gauge position
  • [787] MFD: Fixed Fuel pump states sometimes not being displayed correctly on FUEL synoptics
  • [787] SYSTEMS: Fixed air compressors showing available with packs off
  • [787] SYSTEMS: IRS will now draw backup battery power if it has been aligned and primary power is removed
  • [787] SYSTEMS: Fixed fuel scavenging happening in cold and dark state
  • [787] SYSTEMS: Illuminate center pump PRESS lights when the pump fails
  • [787] CHECKLISTS: Fixed External Power FWDL/FWDR/AFT button highlighting in the checklists
  • [787] FM: Adjusted suspension to fix gear contact and bounce issues
  • [787] FM: Adjusted ground effect to improve landing settling during the flare
  • [787] PERF: Adjusted climb performance
  • [787] FLAPS: Fixed a bug where slat autogap latched if landing while it was active
  • [787] AT: Improved go-around thrust calculation in THR mode
  • [787] HUD: The ground acceleration symbol is no longer occluded by the lateral deviation indicator
  • [787] PFD/HUD: “AOA SPD” and “ISFD SPD” messages will now display under the appropriate conditions
  • [787] PFD/HUD: Airspeed indicator is now replaced by the “SPD” failure flag and mach readout is hidden if airspeed data are unavailable
  • [747] CDU: Fixed FMC MESSAGE CAS message from always being visible
  • [747] CAS: Added EMER LIGHTS advisory message when flight deck emergency lights switch is not at ARMED position
  • [747] CAS: Fixed incorrect caution inhibits during engine shutdown
  • [747] HYDRAULICS: Fixed overhead fault light and hydraulic pressure CAS messages appearing at normal pressure
  • [747] FLAPS: Fixed flaps not starting in correct position when spawning on runway
  • [747] SYSTEMS: Fixed an issue which caused CLB-1 and CLB-2 to command too high a N1
  • [747] SYSTEMS: The ADIRUs now draw backup power from the APU hot battery bus. If primary power is lost, the center ADIRU remains on backup battery power for five minutes before automatically shutting down. The left and right ADIRUs remain on backup power until they are turned off or primary power is restored
  • [747] SYSTEMS: The APU standby bus will no longer draw power from the CPT transfer bus if the standby power selector is set to BAT
  • [747] FM: Moved trim configuration to reduce self lift-off
  • [747] PFD: Airspeed indicator and mach readout are now replaced by the “SPD” and “MACH” failure flags if airspeed data are unavailable
  • [747] FX: Fix engine heat blur reversed on engines 1 and 2
  • [747] COCKPIT: Fixes CMD button text emissives
  • [747] COCKPIT: Fixed the behavior of the autopilot engage button indicator lights

Cessna Citation CJ4 / WT21

  • The autopilot/flight director HDG mode now only reverses turn direction if the selected heading is turned past the airplane’s current heading in the direction of the turn reversal
  • Improved the behavior of turn anticipation calculation around AF/RF legs whose start and end points are slightly offset from the arc
  • Fixed a bug where the autopilot/flight director would not deactivate LOC mode during ILS/LOC approaches after the active nav source was switched to FMS

Cessna Citation Longitude

  • Fixed a bug related to the landing gear during loading
  • The roll spoilers (mid- and outboard) can no longer be extended without hydraulic system pressure
  • Improved the autothrottle’s airspeed-tracking behavior and improved the responsiveness of the autothrottle when envelope speed protection is active


  • Fixed a minor texture issue


Various peripheral fixes

  • Fixed the right analog stick in the gamepad default preset not turning/spinning any knobs in aircraft
  • Fixed Valve Index not being able to zoom in/out on the VFR map

Offiziell erscheinen soll das Aircraft & Avionics Update 2 am 23. Juni anlässlich der FlightSimExpo, einer der weltweit größten Konferenzen und Fachmessen für Flugsimulation, bei der auch Microsoft und Asobo mit dem MSFS vertreten sein werden. FSNews24 ist Medienpartner der FlightSimExpo und wird ausführlich über das Ereignis berichten. Näheres unter:

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