ToLiss: Umfangreiches Update für A319

11. Juli 2023

ToLiss hat das bisher größte Update des A319 für den X-Plane 11 und 12 veröffentlicht. Es hebt das Flugzeug auf das Niveau des neuesten A320neo, der im März dieses Jahres herausgebracht worden war. Version 1.9 (Build 1587) bringt u. a. eine vollständige Unterstützung für Bodendienste, einschließlich animierter Enteisung, eine Überarbeitung der Soundsuite für alle Triebwerkstypen, ACARS-Druckfunktion, animierte Cockpitfenster, Sonnenblenden, Tabletttische und komplett neue Cockpit-Texturen.

Das kostenlose Update kann über den Skuncraft Updater heruntergeladen werden. Es ist aber auch zum direkten Download in den Stores, etwa bei verfügbar.

In Kürze soll auch der A321 von ToLiss das gleiche Update erhalten.

Hier das detaillierte Änderungsprotokoll des ToLiss A319 auf Version 1.9 (Build 1587):

Major new features:

  • New cockpit textures
  • Pilot models in external view
  • Animated cockpit windows, sunshades, tray tables etc.
  • ACARS Print function
  • Full ground services suite, including animated deicing
  • Rework of the sound suite for all engine types

Minor new features:

  • ISCS redesign including a scalable ISCS
  • Retuned VLS and approach pitch
  • Retuned the pitch moment balance with extended flaps
  • Addition of 24 new C/Bs bringing the total to 161 functional C/Bs
  • Addition of Radio Altimeter failure model
  • Improved aircraft startup sequence simulating also MCDU, FWC and FMGS startup times
  • Oil temperature indication on ECAM now changes according to logic specific for the given engine type
  • Increase landing gear tire resolution for a rounder experience
  • Added console lights (XP12 only)
  • Increase number of possible simultaneous faults to 20
  • Added PRED WS OFF memo
  • Automatic reversion to arrival or departure ATIS request if regular ATIS is not available (via Hoppie network)
  • Added DDRMI failure flags in case of loss of power or invalid needle angles

Bug fixes:

  • Added autopilot disconnection on manual trim
  • Reduced minimum valid preselected speed to allow speeds below 160kts
  • Improved mouse wheel pitch trim speed
  • Fixed a bug with the descent profile following if below transition level and QNH in MCDU and QNH on FCU don’t match
  • Some improvements to the smartcopilot.cfg file
  • Fixed a bug that caused the GS Mini not to be considered with pilot selected VAPP
  • Fixed jitter of the L/DEV and V/DEV scales that can occur under certain conditions when performing a GA during a non-precision approach
  • Inhibit of EGT OVERLIMIT warning following an engine shutdown due to fire
  • Brought the REV SET ECAM Caution back
  • Fixed mouse wheel function on WX Radar System switches
  • Fixed FBW behaviour in case of loss of both FAC (no reversion to direct on L/G extension)
  • Fixed FBW upmode logic to allow automatic upmode to normal law if conditions triggering a degenerated law are gone
  • Fixed link between APU start capability and battery availability
  • Improved VLS computation in dual hydraulic cases with slats frozen in the retracted position
  • Improved rudder authority for VMGC and Beta target
  • Fixed a crash in PDC/CPDLC messages if there are space characters in the wrong spot
  • Fixed a bug with fuel consumption during 200NM jumps